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  2010-09-29   2010 LOHAS Autumn Cycling Tour on Green Island   The azure ocean, blue sky, white sand beaches and black tides (Kuroshio current) are the terms that 
  2010-09-28   2010 Cingjing Torch Festival – Foods, Music and Sheepherding Show   “Cingjing Torch Festival,” one of the most representative events taken place in Cingji 
  2010-09-27   Hakka Kirin•Blissful Pingjhen - 2010 Hakka Parade   Taoyuan County has 13 cities and townships, and six of which are highly populated with Hakka peopl 
  2010-09-24   2010 Taipei International Beef Noodle Soup Festival   Sponsored by Taipei City Office of Commerce, the 2010 Taipei International Beef Noodle Soup Festiva 
  2010-09-23   2010 Confucian Temple Cultural Festival   Organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism, Tainan City Government, the 2010 Confucian Tem 
  2010-09-21   Taipei beef noodle festival kicks off    
  2010-09-20   2010 Taipei County Film Festival to Take Place between September 18th and October 31st   The 2010 Taipei County Film Festival held by the Taipei County Government is scheduled to run from  
  2010-09-17   2010 Marongarong Cultural Festival to Unveil on September 18th   “Marongarong” is actually made up of two words: “ma (very)” and “ron 
  2010-09-16   2010 Taoyuan Shihmen Jumping Fish Tourism Festival   Located between Dasi Township and Longtan Township, Shihmen Reservoir is one of the most famous sce 
  2010-09-15   Annual Matzu Festival   The 7th annual Matzu Festival has kicked off in Taipei, and 21 Matzu statues from across the island 
  2010-09-14   2010 Taipei Hotel Festival to Kick off from September 10th until November 3rd   The 2010 Taipei Hotel Festival is scheduled to launch between September 10th and November 3rd, 2010, 
  2010-09-13   (2010 Taichung Leisure & Fine Food Show) Next Stop to Tourism Factory – Happy Tunnel   The 2010 Taichung Leisure & Fine Food Show will be held between September 9th and September 12 
  2010-09-10   Experience the fun of Macau at Taipei 101 Macau Festival   A seven-day Experience Macau Festival is currently holding at the fourth floor of Taipei 101 Mall, a 
  2010-09-09   2010 Taichung Leisure & Fine Food Show to Unveil on September 9th   Hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs, the result of tourism-orie 
  2010-09-08   Budapest Festival Orchestra to hold Taipei concert Oct. 2   The Budapest Festival Orchestra under the baton of director Ivan Fischer is slated to hold a concert 
  2010-09-07   Toucheng Chiang Ku Festival to Kick off on September 7th   Toucheng Chiang Ku Festival is regarded as one of the most prominent religious activities typically  
  2010-09-06   Techno 'Santaitz' show promotes Taipei Flora Expo at Dodgers stadium   A unique Taiwanese show, featuring techno dance moves by a folk god figure, was presented at the Los 
  2010-09-03   Brilliant Water Dance Shows to Unveil at Green Grass Lake   The 7th World Technopolis Association General Assembly is scheduled to take place in Hsinchu City fr 
  2010-09-03   The 7th WTA to Launch in Hsinchu City from September 1st to 4th   The 7th World Technopolis Association General Assembly is scheduled to take place in Hsinchu City fr 
  2010-09-02   Taiwan’s 1st culture and creativity expo to take place in November   Hundreds of exhibitors will be present at Taiwan’s first-ever cultural and creativity expo nex 


Type of Event
January Explore the Culture
-Puyuma tribe, Annual Festival ( 卑南族年祭, Beinan zu nianji)
1 December 2014~1 January 2014

February Explore the Culture
-North \ Pingxi ( 平溪) The Raising of the Heavenly Lanterns, ( 放天燈 Fang Tian deng)
12 February 2014~12 February 2014
-Yanshui Beehive Firecracker( 鹽水蜂炮, Yanshui Fengpao)
11 February 2014~12 February 2014

-Blasting Handan on Lantern Festival( 元宵節炸寒鄲, Yuan Siao Jie Zha Handan)
12 February 2014~12 February 2014

April Explore the Culture
-2014 Da-Jia Matsu pilgrimage ( 大甲媽祖遶境, Da-Jia Mazu raojing)
6 March 2014(annual)~2 April 2014(annual)

-Da Jia Matzu Pilgrimage Youth Expedition
25 March 2014~2 April 2014

Seasonal Themes
-Cherry Blossom Season ( 櫻花季 Yinghua Ji), Wulai (烏來, Wulai)
1 March 2014~1 April 2014
Art Activities
-Spring Scream ( 春天吶喊 Chuntian Nahan)
31 March 2014~9 April 2014
May Explore the Culture
-The Bunun tribe’s ear-shooting festival( 布農族打耳祭)
1 April 2014~1 May 2014

-Dragon-boat racing, Dragon Boat Festival ( 端午節)
31 May 2014~31 May 2014

Seasonal Themes
-The blossoming of the tung oil trees ( 油桐花季 Youtong Huaji)
1 April 2014~31 May 2014
June Explore the Culture
-The Flying Fish Sacrifice of the Yami tribe( 達悟族飛魚祭, Da Wu Zu Fei Yu Ji)
1 March 2014~30 June 2014
Seasonal Themes
Tuna Season, Pingtung County ( 屏東鮪魚季Pingdong Sian Wei Yu Ji)
1 April 2014~30 June 2014
July Art Activities
-Taipei Film Festival ( 台北電影節, Taibei Dianying Jie)
1 June 2014~31 July 2014
August Explore the Culture
-The Amis tribe harvest festival( 阿美族豐年祭, Amei zu fengnian Ji)
1 July 2014~29 August 2014
Seasonal Themes
-The international children’s folklore and game festival, Yilan ( 宜蘭國際童玩節, Yilan Guoji Tongwan Jie)
1 July 2014~31 August 2014
Art Activities
-Fulong Ocean Music Festival ( 福隆海洋音樂祭, Fulong Haiyang Yinyue Ji)
1 July 2014~1 August 2014
September Explore the Culture
-The Rukai tribe harvest festival ( 魯凱族豐年際, Lukai Zu Fengnian Ji)
15 August 2014~1 September 2014
-Yilan, the Ghost Grappling Contest ( 宜蘭\中元搶孤 Yilan, Jhong Yuan Qiang Gu)
1 August 2014~1 September 2014
-Sacrifices to Confucius, Teacher’s Day ( 祭孔大典, Kongzi Da Dian)
28 September 2014~28 September 2014
Keelung “Chicken Coop” Mid-Summer Ghost Festival ( 雞籠中元祭 Jilong Jhong Yuan Ji)
1 August 2014~1 September 2014
Art Activities
Taiwan International Animation Festival ( 台灣國際動畫影展)
1 September 2014~10 September 2014
October Explore the Culture
-Nantou\ Thao tribe harvest festival ( 南投\邵族豐年祭, Nantou, Shao Zu Fengnian Ji)
1 September 2014~1 October 2014
-Paiwan tribe, Bamboo Pole Ceremony( 排灣族竹竿祭, Paiwan Zu, Zhu Gan Ji)
25 October 2014~25 October 2014

Taipei County Internatioal Kite Festival 2005( 國際風箏節)
10 September 2014~10 October 2014

Seasonal Themes
Mass swim across Sun Moon Lake( 萬人泳渡日月潭, Wanren Yongdu Riyuetan)
1 September 2014~1 October 2014
Art Activities
2005 Zuo-ying Festival( 2005左營萬年季)
15 October 2014~23 October 2014
November Explore the Culture
-Pingtung \ The Tungkang Boat Burning Ritual ( 屏東\東港燒王船 Pingdong, Donggang Shao Wang Chuan)
1 October 2014~1 November 2014
December Explore the Culture
Pas-taai :The Ritual of the Short People, Saisiyat Tribe ( 賽夏族矮靈祭, Saixia Zu Ai Ling Ji)
1 November 2014~1 December 2014
2005 Taoyuan Flower Festival( 桃園花海嘉年華)
5 November 2014~4 December 2014

2005 Miaoli County Hakka Gourmet Festival ( 客家文化旅遊藝術節)
10 December 2014~18 December 2014

Outdoor Activities
Penghu sailing festival ( 澎湖風帆節, Penghu Feng Fan Jie)
1 November 2014~1 December 2014
Art Activities
Film season \ The Golden Horse Film Festival ( 金馬影展 Jinma Ying Jhan)
1 November 2014~30 December 2014
Seasonal Themes
Winter Solstice - Resting & Recovering ( 冬至)
22 December 2014~22 December 2014
* The information of events is from "Youth Travel in Taiwan".

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