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  2013-12-18   Lantern festival   Lantern Festival is the first full moon in Lunar New Year, symbolizing the arrival of spring. People 
  2013-12-16   Christmas in New Taipei City   Christmas is just around the corner! To celebrate the holiday,there is a special eneny,The New Ta 
  2013-12-16   Fubon Marathon   At the top of this article,I have to admit that I've never been to a Marathon contest before.And 
  2013-12-16   Christmasland in New Taipei City   2013Christmasland in New Taipei City is held in Banqiao, it starts from 11/22 to 1/5 next year, and  
  2013-10-20   TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA   Taiwan international balloon was hold in Taitung Luye , and it from 6/1 to 8/11. I went there with m 
  2013-10-14   Moon festival   There are many stories about moon festival.For example, the rabbits on the moon, or chang'e. Th 
  2013-10-07   Lantern festival   Hey, I’m Bill. There are some important traditional festivals in Taiwan, for example, The Chi 
  2013-10-06   Music Festival   During this summer vacation , I went to a music festival called Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival which was h 
  2013-09-30   Moon Festival   Moon Festival is a traditional custom in Taiwan. We always stay with family during this day.  
  2013-09-30   Moon Festival   There are many stories about moon festival.For example, the rabbits on the moon, or chang'e. Th 
  2013-09-29   Moon Festival   September 19th was Moon Festival, which means family should stay together and enjoy barbeque. Almo 
  2013-09-29   Moon Festival   The Moon Festival is one of the majoy festival in Taiwan.When it will approach the Moon Festival,ev 
  2013-09-26   Bombing Dragon Festival   Have you ever been to Miaoli?No matter the answer is yes or no, you can’t not realize Miaoli w 
  2012-12-17   A Blessing in disguise   This August, I went to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taichung Zhonggang site. I was about to have an intervie 
  2012-12-02   Northern Taipei Dance Show   Today I go to University of Taipei watch a show about north of Taipei dance show , It is about many 
  2012-10-29   cheer squad   As a freshman in NTPU,all of us need to participate in the cheer squads of our own departments that  
  2012-10-08   CHINESE NEW YEAR   Most of the children are expect to this vacation.Because in the new year's eve, the elder will g 
  2012-09-24   Mid-autumn festival   This weekend, I barbecued with my family because it approaches Mid-autumn festival. Mid-autumn festi 
  2012-09-18   Kinmen   I am going to introduce Kinmen,which is my hometown. Kinmen is a place which is full of war histori 
  2012-06-12   Kinmen 金門   In troubled times 1600 years ago, fugitives fled here in haste, dodging their pursuers, seeking refu 


Type of Event
January Explore the Culture
-Puyuma tribe, Annual Festival ( 卑南族年祭, Beinan zu nianji)
1 December 2014~1 January 2014

February Explore the Culture
-North \ Pingxi ( 平溪) The Raising of the Heavenly Lanterns, ( 放天燈 Fang Tian deng)
12 February 2014~12 February 2014
-Yanshui Beehive Firecracker( 鹽水蜂炮, Yanshui Fengpao)
11 February 2014~12 February 2014

-Blasting Handan on Lantern Festival( 元宵節炸寒鄲, Yuan Siao Jie Zha Handan)
12 February 2014~12 February 2014

April Explore the Culture
-2014 Da-Jia Matsu pilgrimage ( 大甲媽祖遶境, Da-Jia Mazu raojing)
6 March 2014(annual)~2 April 2014(annual)

-Da Jia Matzu Pilgrimage Youth Expedition
25 March 2014~2 April 2014

Seasonal Themes
-Cherry Blossom Season ( 櫻花季 Yinghua Ji), Wulai (烏來, Wulai)
1 March 2014~1 April 2014
Art Activities
-Spring Scream ( 春天吶喊 Chuntian Nahan)
31 March 2014~9 April 2014
May Explore the Culture
-The Bunun tribe’s ear-shooting festival( 布農族打耳祭)
1 April 2014~1 May 2014

-Dragon-boat racing, Dragon Boat Festival ( 端午節)
31 May 2014~31 May 2014

Seasonal Themes
-The blossoming of the tung oil trees ( 油桐花季 Youtong Huaji)
1 April 2014~31 May 2014
June Explore the Culture
-The Flying Fish Sacrifice of the Yami tribe( 達悟族飛魚祭, Da Wu Zu Fei Yu Ji)
1 March 2014~30 June 2014
Seasonal Themes
Tuna Season, Pingtung County ( 屏東鮪魚季Pingdong Sian Wei Yu Ji)
1 April 2014~30 June 2014
July Art Activities
-Taipei Film Festival ( 台北電影節, Taibei Dianying Jie)
1 June 2014~31 July 2014
August Explore the Culture
-The Amis tribe harvest festival( 阿美族豐年祭, Amei zu fengnian Ji)
1 July 2014~29 August 2014
Seasonal Themes
-The international children’s folklore and game festival, Yilan ( 宜蘭國際童玩節, Yilan Guoji Tongwan Jie)
1 July 2014~31 August 2014
Art Activities
-Fulong Ocean Music Festival ( 福隆海洋音樂祭, Fulong Haiyang Yinyue Ji)
1 July 2014~1 August 2014
September Explore the Culture
-The Rukai tribe harvest festival ( 魯凱族豐年際, Lukai Zu Fengnian Ji)
15 August 2014~1 September 2014
-Yilan, the Ghost Grappling Contest ( 宜蘭\中元搶孤 Yilan, Jhong Yuan Qiang Gu)
1 August 2014~1 September 2014
-Sacrifices to Confucius, Teacher’s Day ( 祭孔大典, Kongzi Da Dian)
28 September 2014~28 September 2014
Keelung “Chicken Coop” Mid-Summer Ghost Festival ( 雞籠中元祭 Jilong Jhong Yuan Ji)
1 August 2014~1 September 2014
Art Activities
Taiwan International Animation Festival ( 台灣國際動畫影展)
1 September 2014~10 September 2014
October Explore the Culture
-Nantou\ Thao tribe harvest festival ( 南投\邵族豐年祭, Nantou, Shao Zu Fengnian Ji)
1 September 2014~1 October 2014
-Paiwan tribe, Bamboo Pole Ceremony( 排灣族竹竿祭, Paiwan Zu, Zhu Gan Ji)
25 October 2014~25 October 2014

Taipei County Internatioal Kite Festival 2005( 國際風箏節)
10 September 2014~10 October 2014

Seasonal Themes
Mass swim across Sun Moon Lake( 萬人泳渡日月潭, Wanren Yongdu Riyuetan)
1 September 2014~1 October 2014
Art Activities
2005 Zuo-ying Festival( 2005左營萬年季)
15 October 2014~23 October 2014
November Explore the Culture
-Pingtung \ The Tungkang Boat Burning Ritual ( 屏東\東港燒王船 Pingdong, Donggang Shao Wang Chuan)
1 October 2014~1 November 2014
December Explore the Culture
Pas-taai :The Ritual of the Short People, Saisiyat Tribe ( 賽夏族矮靈祭, Saixia Zu Ai Ling Ji)
1 November 2014~1 December 2014
2005 Taoyuan Flower Festival( 桃園花海嘉年華)
5 November 2014~4 December 2014

2005 Miaoli County Hakka Gourmet Festival ( 客家文化旅遊藝術節)
10 December 2014~18 December 2014

Outdoor Activities
Penghu sailing festival ( 澎湖風帆節, Penghu Feng Fan Jie)
1 November 2014~1 December 2014
Art Activities
Film season \ The Golden Horse Film Festival ( 金馬影展 Jinma Ying Jhan)
1 November 2014~30 December 2014
Seasonal Themes
Winter Solstice - Resting & Recovering ( 冬至)
22 December 2014~22 December 2014
* The information of events is from "Youth Travel in Taiwan".

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